The Best Dog Nail Clippers

Proper nail care is an integral part of dog grooming. If your dog’s nails grow too long, it can result in discomfort when walking, and it can compromise your dog’s foot health.

Active dogs usually don’t require regular nail cutting as their nails grind short when they walk or run. However, dogs that are older, inactive, and specific breeds need to have their nails trimmed. With a high-quality dog nail clipper, you can maintain your dog’s nails to perfection without cutting the nails too short and causing injury.

Nail clippers differ in terms of type, quality, and design. For example, some clippers are only suitable for specific breed sizes, and you have to find a clipper that is suitable for your dog.

In this review guide, we will take a look at the best dog nail clippers as well as crucial buying considerations that you should keep in mind.

The 6 Best Dog Nail Clippers & Grinders

Epica Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper

1. Epica Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper

The professional pet nail clipper from Epica is specially designed to help pet owners safely and efficiently clip their pet’s nails. The clipper has a durable stainless-steel construction that is highly durable and resistant to scratches and corrosion, and the blades will last a long time without bending or going blunt.

Because the clipper is designed for precision cutting, you don’t have to worry about ragged edges in the nails. If your dog tends to squirm when you cut its nails, this clipper will make the process easier for both of you.

Key Features:

  • Durable stainless-steel construction for precision clipping
  • Blades are designed for long-lasting sharpness
  • Suitable for clipping nails of medium and large dog breeds
  • The safety lock keeps the clipper closed when not in use
  • The clipper is ergonomically shaped to fit your hand comfortably

Other high-end features of this pet nail clipper include a safety lock that keeps the blades in a closed position when the clipper is not in use, as well as rubber handles to ensure a secure grip.

Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs

2. Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs

The dog nail clipper from Safari is designed with your dog’s well-being and comfort in mind. It features a stainless-steel construction, long-lasting steel cutting edge, and safety stop to prevent injury to your dog’s paws.

To trim your pet’s nails with this clipper, you have to place its nail into the round notch. There is a metal bar that prevents the nail from going in too far.

Key Features:

  • High-quality and durable stainless-steel construction
  • Suitable for breeds of all sizes
  • The safety stop prevents you from cutting too close to the blood vessels
  • Comfortable and ergonomic grip

The trimmer is suitable for use on dog breeds of all sizes, and it has a comfortable grip to ensure a quick and easy nail clipping session. A valuable feature of this trimmer is its versatility, and many people use it cut their cats’ nails as well.

Dremel 7300-PT 4

3. Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Nail Grooming Tool

The Dremel 7300-PT is a rotary tool that eliminates the risk of injury associated with some nail clippers. In essence, this unit is a sander that is compatible with ½-inch 60-grit sanding bands. The Dremel 7300-PT has two-speed rotation adjustability that allows you to grind your pet’s nails in different stages.

The grooming tool uses a removable battery pack, which makes cordless operation possible. If the 60-grit sandpaper is too abrasive for your dog, you can change the bands with sanding grits of 100- or 120-grit.

Key Features:

  • A 4.8-volt cordless rotary sanding tool
  • Grind your dog’s nails instead of clipping them
  • Two-speed settings to fit your dog’s comfort level
  • The battery takes three hours to recharge
  • The grooming tool is compatible with ½-inch sanding bands

Lower grits also tend to result in heat build-up. When you use a grit for the first time, grind sporadically and take care not to grind your dog’s nails too short.

Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer by Boshel

4. Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer by Boshel

The Boshel dog nail clipper has a razor-sharp 3.5mm stainless-steel blade and has a safety stop to prevent you from over-cutting your dog’s nails. With the clipper, you will receive a high-quality small nail file that you can insert into a slot in the handle for secure storage.

Fitted to the clipper are visually appealing nonslip, ergonomic handles that will fit your hand comfortably and provide you with ample grip. The blades are designed to achieve clear, precise cuts without fraying and tearing.

Key Features:

  • High-quality 3.5mm stainless-steel construction
  • Ergonomic design with comfortable handles
  • Suitable for medium and large dog breeds
  • Safety stop prevents you from cutting your dog’s nails too short
  • A mini nail file is included

This clipper is suitable for use on medium and large dog breeds. Since this cutter has an ergonomic design, blades for precision cutting, and a safety stop, it is ideal for pet owners who are nervous about cutting their dog’s nails. If your dog’s nails are long, you can shorten them a little every week before relying solely on the safety stop.

Millers Forge Nail Clipper with Safety Stop

5. Millers Forge Nail Clipper with Safety Stop

The Millers plier-style nail clipper features comfortable red plastic grips and a spring-loaded cutting mechanism to ensure clean and precise cutting. The clipper is also fitted with an adjustable safety guard to prevent you from accidentally cutting into a nail’s blood vessel.

This nail clipper is suitable for use with small and medium dog breeds, but not large breeds. The clipper has a durable stainless steel construction, and the blades remain sharp for many cutting sessions.

Key Features:

  • An adjustable safety stop to prevent injuries
  • Durable construction with sturdy precision blades
  • Comfortable and firm grip for easy nail cutting

The best feature of this clipper is its durability. If you are looking for a product that will last for years, this clipper from Millers may be your best option.

Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder for Gentle

6. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder for Gentle

If you want to reduce the time you spend on pet grooming while maintaining your dog’s well-being and nailcare, the electric nail grinder from Hertzko may be the ideal option. This model features a diamond bit grinder that gently trims your pet’s nails with minimal risk of injury.

The trimmer has three sizes of ports to accommodate nail size. The two smaller sizes are suitable for small and medium dog breeds, and the biggest port is for large breeds. If your dog’s nails are too big for this port, you can remove the cover to expose the bit completely.

Key Features:

  • Dog nail trimmer that is entirely safe
  • Suitable for trimming pet nails of all sizes
  • The trimmer is fitted with a USB charging port

The trimmer’s motor runs silently, which will make the experience more pleasant for your dog.

What to Look for in Dog Nail Clippers

Buying a dog nail clipper may seem like a straightforward experience, but there are several things you should keep in mind when shopping around for one. The right dog nail clipper will not only last for a long time, but it will also enable you to cut your dog’s nails neatly and safely.

Let’s take a look at the things you should look for in a dog nail clipper.

Material – Dog nail clippers are available in many different materials, but stainless-steel is widely regarded to be the best. Stainless steel doesn’t rust, and blades that are made of stainless steel tend to stay sharper for longer.

Ideally, the entire clipper should have a stainless-steel construction with plastic or rubber handles. If the handles are made of plastic, it should be a heavy-duty plastic to ensure optimal longevity and strength when cutting thicker dog nails.

Ergonomic Design – When cutting your dog’s nails, you should have complete control over the clipper to prevent accidents and injuries. If the clipper has ergonomic handles, it will be more comfortable in your hand, and you will find it easier to make neat cuts at the correct nail lengths.

In addition to an ergonomic shape, the handles should ideally also provide you with sufficient grip. Rubber- or silicone handles or handles with non-slip grooves are ideal.

Cutting Guard – A cutting guard or safety stop is an essential feature of any dog nail clipper. Usually, a cutting guard consists of a small metal plate that prevents a dog nail from going too deep into the opening, so you don’t accidentally cut into the quick.

If the clipper is suitable for all dog sizes, the cutting guard may be adjustable. You have to move it away from the blades if you have a large dog.

Blade Shape – A clipper should have an optimized shape to ensure a clean, neat cut. Ideally, the cut should consist of one short clip instead of a slice. This will prevent injury if your dog suddenly pulls away or if your angle is incorrect.

Blade Sharpness – The sharper the clipper’s blades, the cleaner and smoother the cut. If the blades are blunt, it can damage your dog’s nails and even cause an injury. You will also have to put more pressure on the handle to cut through the nail, which can make the experience unpleasant for your dog.

You have to sharpen the clipper’s blades regularly, but higher-quality, stainless-steel clipper blades will remain sharper for longer.

Hand Orientation – Some clippers are specially designed for right-handed people. If you usually use your left hand to clip your dog’s nails, you will not be able to cut your dog’s nails with them comfortably, and you should look for a clipper that can be used in either hand. The hand orientation is especially important with scissor-style clippers.

Locking Mechanism – A locking mechanism keeps the clipper blades closed when it is not in use. This feature is useful because sharp blades can cause personal injury or damage to things like furniture and clothing. Blades that are open and exposed also tend to blunt prematurely.

Grinder Lock – If you choose a dog nail grinder, it should ideally be fitted with a lock that prevents it from accidentally rotating and scaring your dog.

Size – Most dog nail clippers can cut the nails of any dog or cat, regardless of their size. Many high-end dog nail clippers are only suitable for the nails of specific dog breeds, however, and if you don’t pay attention to the intended size, you may end up with a clipper that you cannot use.

If the clipper’s intended size is wrong for your dog, you may end up cutting its nails too short, or you may have difficulty cutting through the nail if the clipper is too small. Check the clipper’s packaging carefully to ensure that you are purchasing the correct size.

Price – Generally speaking, you will have to pay more for high-quality dog nail clippers. Many people don’t want to pay a high price for something like dog nail clippers, but there are several advantages that expensive products have over cheap ones. High-end clippers last longer, their blades stay sharper for a longer period, and they work better to cut your dog’s nails.

If you have many dogs, or if your dog has a high grooming requirement, a higher-priced clipper may be more suited to your needs.

Why You Should Trim Your Dog’s Nails

A dog that regularly runs in the street, on concrete, or on blacktop will typically grind down their nails, and you will not have to cut them. However, if your dog spends its time indoors, running on your lawn, or if it is older or inactive, their nail tips are not worn down regularly. You will have to clip their nails regularly.

There are several risks to not cutting your dog’s nails. A long nail can tear off when it gets caught on carpets, wires, or furniture. In severe cases, a dog with a torn off toenail may require veterinary care.

Another problem with long toenails is that they can make it difficult for a dog to walk comfortably. When a dog with long toenails lifts its feet, the floor pushes the nail back, which puts pressure on the nailbed. The dog will then have to distribute its weight differently, which can affect the alignment of its toe and paw joints.

You may like taking your dog for long walks, but if their nails are too long, a walk can do more harm than good.

Cutting Your Dog’s Nails Too Short

Cutting a dog’s nails too short is a fear that many dog owners have. As a result, they may prefer not to cut their dog’s nails or to let their vet take care of it. If you accidentally cut into your dog’s quick, it can be painful to the dog. But the damage is not permanent, and there are several things you can do to treat the cut.

If you are busy clipping your dog’s nails, and it suddenly starts yelping or tries to get its paw away from you, it may be because you cut the nail too short. The nail will also bleed excessively if you cut through the quick, which is a part of the nail that is rich in blood vessels.

Remember to stay calm. If you start panicking, your dog will sense that your panic is the result of the pain in its nail, and it will become anxious.

One of the most effective ways to initially treat a cut is by dipping the nail in styptic powder, flour, baking soda, or corn starch, depending on what you have available. Then, take a clean towel and use it to put pressure on the end of the nail for twenty minutes. Keep your dog calm during this time by speaking gently and petting its head and ears.

If the nail still bleeds after twenty minutes, take the dog to the vet for an examination and professional treatment. However, if the bleeding stops, you can move on with the rest of the nails. A dog’s nails grow back faster than human nails, and it takes around two to three weeks for an injured nail to grow back and cover the quick.

When and How to Cut Dog Nails

You should cut your dog’s nails once every one or two months or when their nails start touching the ground. A tell-tale sign that you should cut your dog’s nails is when you hear a clicking sound when they walk.

Before cutting your dog’s nails, give his paws a short massage. This will relax your dog and help it feel more at ease. If your dog has long hair that covers its nails, trim the hair so that you can see the nails clearly.

When you trim your dog’s nails, hold the clipper or grinder at a 45-degree angle. If your dog has white or clear nails, you will be able to see the quick. If your dog has black nails, you will not be able to see the quick, and you have to start with small trims.

As you trim your dog’s nail shorter, you will notice a dark dot on the nail bed and the nail will no longer have a whitish interior, which are indications that you have to stop trimming.

Why Household or Human Nail Scissors is Not Suitable for Dogs

Household scissors or human nail clippers are not recommended to cut your dog’s nails. Regular scissors have straight blades that can damage your dog’s nails, and achieving a clean cut with them may be a challenge.

Human nail clippers may have a rounded edge, but they are typically not strong enough to clip a dog’s nails.

How to Sharpen Dog Nail Clippers

When sharpening your dog nail clippers, the first step is to remove the actuating lever by pressing the two sections of the clippers closer together and removing the pins. Then, separate the clipper blades.

To sharpen the blades, you need a ceramic rod, a grinding stone, a sharpening stone, or a diamond-tapered rod. Keep the blade at a 20-degree angle to the sharpening surface, and sweep the one side of the blade across the stone before turning the knife over.

Hopefully, after reading this buyer’s guide, you know more about the importance of clipping your dog’s nails and important clipper features.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that it isn’t necessary to clip their dogs’ nails. Unfortunately, if your dog’s nails are too long, it can cause pain, infection, reduced proprioception, and poor posture. On a less serious note, long nails can also damage your expensive furniture and scratch you when your dog wants to sit on your lap.

You can avoid all these issues by keeping your dog’s nails short with a high-quality nail clipper. If you are not sure which nail clipper to buy, feel free to pick one from our review list.