The Best Flea Collars for Dogs

Our dogs and We love each other’s company. However, third parties (read: fleas) always find a way to spoil the bonding time for us—or even worse, make my dog’s alone time pass in an excruciating way. 

Seeing my dog go through this problem with fleas and without any other option at hand, we sought to test out the best flea collars for dogs. In this review, we will go through the top four flea collars for dogs that impressed me and which could help you out as well.

The 4 Best Dog Flea Collar Brands in 2022

Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea Collar

1. Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea Collar

With an eight-month flea-repelling warranty, the Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Large Dogs can be one of your most trusted companions for fighting fleas on large dogs.

Unlike other products that only kill fleas that are present on your dog’s skin, this collar does two functions for the price of one. Not only will it kill the ticks already on your dog, but it will also repel other ticks, allowing your dog to be more comfortable and less likely to become sick.

Flumethrin and Imidacloprid, the active ingredients contained in this collar, are continually released all over the dog’s skin—even up to the tail, where many fleas choose to hide and wreak havoc.

Key Features:

  • Vet-recommended
  • Non-greasy collar
  • Odorless

Aside from being among the best flea collars for dogs, this collar also works just as well in killing lice, as well as the management of sarcoptic mange.

There have been cases of this flea and tick collar causing allergic reactions in some dogs; make sure you consult with a vet before making any purchase.

Rolf Club 3D FLEA Collar for Dogs

2. Rolf Club 3D FLEA Collar for Dogs

Irritation arising from the presence of fleas on your dog’s skin needs to be dealt with both effectively and swiftly. These two needs are the basis upon which Rolf Club has designed their collar.

Designed to work fast to alleviate any pain that your dog may be going through, this collar works well to kill all fleas within 24-48 hours of putting it on your dog.

The Rolf Club 3D flea collar offers up to six months of guaranteed protection for your dog against any flea infestations. Additionally, it also helps in killing any larvae of both fleas and mosquitoes that may be present on the dog’s skin, thus preventing any possibility of regeneration.

Key Features:

  • Odorless
  • Tried and tested by veterinarians
  • 100% safe

This collar has been tested and approved by industry-leading veterinary doctors. It is 100% non-toxic and safe for use on your beloved pet. It is also odorless and thus does not cause the dog (or you) any discomfort.

While using the product, take caution to fasten it well around your dog’s neck. Failure to do this will result in it dropping from time to time, and the flea problem will not be handled effectively.

Arava Flea Collar for Dogs & Puppies

3. Arava Flea Collar for Dogs & Puppies

There are not many flea collars that offer a money-back guarantee. This state of affairs could be the very reason why you should try out Arava flea collar.

This tick and flea prevention collar for dogs has been made with 100% herbal products and uses a unique Israeli-patented injection technique. This technique creates pores on your dog’s skin through which the flea repellent ingredients are absorbed.

This dog collar uses a slow-release system that ensures that the collar’s ingredients continue protecting your dog for up to six months. And best of all, this long-term protection is done without any irritation to your dog.

Key Features:

  • 100% herbal product
  • FDA-approved
  • Sweet, essential oil-scent

It is 100% safe for use on dogs and has a sweet scent that is pleasant to both you and your dog. As compared to many other products that have a smell that is unpleasant to your dog, this is not the case with Arava.

For effective results, ensure that your dog has this collar on for the entire period that fleas are present on its skin.

Fedciory Flea and Tick Prevention Collar

4. Fedciory Flea and Tick Prevention Collar

A one-size-fits-all flea collar for dogs is something that every dog owner wishes for. We know too well the disappointment and aggravation we have experienced with collars that will not adjust properly and thus choke the dog instead of helping it become flea-free. This particular product is the answer to such problems, and it protects against allergens and fleas for up to eight months.

Essential oils help to repel fleas and kill those already on the skin without causing any harm to the dog. Additionally, the Fedciory Flea & Tick Collar is made entirely from 100% naturally-occurring ingredients. With this collar, you are guaranteed fleas will be dealt with efficiently for eight consecutive months from the moment you put it on your pet.

Key Features:

  • Safety release feature
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Waterproof

The collar is waterproof, and has a safety release feature that allows your dog to release itself quickly should it get stuck somewhere with the collar. This safety feature helps to prevent any choking incidents with your dog caused by the collar.

What we didn’t like about the Fedciory collar is the ease with which my dog could take it off. You will need to watch out for this—especially if your canine is exceptionally cunning.

What does a flea collar do?

All flea collars have one primary objective, and that is to repel fleas from your dog’s coat or on its skin. What differentiates most products, however, is how they do this. How so? Here is how:

  • Old School Flea Collars: Old school flea collars worked in a manner that was a little bit different from how the modern ones work. The collars would contain a toxin aimed at killing fleas on the dog’s skin. Once this collar was put on the dog, it would release this toxin as a gas. This delivery method effectively meant that the toxin would only be able to kill fleas that were close to the collar.
  • Modern Flea Collars: Again, modern flea collars work in a manner that is a bit different from the old school flea collars. The modern flea collars contain a toxin that is released continuously from the flea collar and spreads onto the dog’s skin. This, therefore, helps the toxin to be transferred to all other parts of the body where fleas are present. Modern flea collars have two primary functions. The first is to repel and prevent fleas from inhabiting a dog’s coat and thus deteriorating its health. The second function of a modern collar is to kill the fleas that are already present on your pet’s body. This helps prevent further damage to your pet’s skin and coat. With modern flea collars, you will need a prescription from your dog’s vet to buy one. The old school flea collars did not necessarily require a prescription.

What to look for in a flea collar for your dog

There are a couple of things that you need to consider before going out and buying a flea collar for your dog. From my experience owning a dog—one that has required the use of a flea collar more than once—We would recommend that you consider the following when looking for the best flea collar:

Vet’s advice – Before you decide to go out and buy a flea collar for your dog, it is always a good idea to talk with your dog’s vet to get some expert advice on which type you should buy. A vet is also better equipped to tell you whether your dog is going to exhibit a negative reaction to any given brand or type of flea collar. Such advice needs to be strictly adhered to, as failure to do so can lead to worsening of the situation. Therefore, make a point of visiting your vet first before making any purchases.

The extent of the flea infestation – Knowing the extent of the flea infestation will help you determine which ingredient and what amount of potency you will want to be included in your flea collar. Failure to establish the extent of the flea infestation will result in you picking out the wrong product, which essentially means you will fail to address the problem at hand. Your dog’s health could easily get worse if you pick a product with a potency that is too high or too low than what is required. Again—consult a vet.

Size of the dog – The size of your dog will help you determine the size of the flea collar that you will have to buy. Different sized dogs have varying requirements. A recommended way of dealing with this, however, is by picking out a product with an adjustable length feature. Such flea collars will fit a variety of dogs regardless of their size, provided they are within the range that is recommended on the box.

The longevity of the collar – Do you need a collar that addresses a short-term problem or a long-term one? This is one of those crucial aspects of flea collars that you need to be very clear about. Choosing a collar just for the sake of doing, or at the ill-advised recommendation of a friend will inevitably see you making repeated purchases that ultimately cost you a lot more in the long run.

Price – Following up on point number four is the question of price. Here, you will be required to do the due diligence of a product’s qualities and gauge them against the price. You can always look for a bargain, but ultimately, remember that the features of the flea collar will influence the cost.

How long does it take for a flea collar to work

The time it takes for a flea collar to work will more often than not depend on the following factors:

  • The type of flea collar: Modern flea collars will generally work much faster than old school flea collars because they spread the toxin for killing the fleas all around the body. Old school flea collars only do so to areas close to the collar.
  • Environment: The environment that your dog is in will largely influence how long it takes for the flea collar to work. If your dog spends a good deal of time in an area that is infested by fleas, then it is going to take much longer for the flea collar to work. The environment of the dog can be defined as whether it spends time around other dogs, and the physical surroundings your dog spends the most time in each day.
  • The potency of the toxin: The period it takes for the flea collar to work will depend on the strength of the chemical that is contained in the collar. The stronger the toxin, the faster the fleas will be eradicated from your dog’s body and for change to be noted.
  • The fit of the collar: The closer the fit of the flea collar is, the better the chances are that it will work quickly to get rid of the flea problem. If the collar does not sit comfortably snug around your dog’s neck, then it means that the collar will most probably keep dropping off and thus not work as intended. You need to check this and ensure the collar is firm without choking the dog.

How long does a flea collar last ?

Different flea collars will have different longevities. The following factors, however, will largely influence how long a flea collar lasts.

Manufacturer-set longevity: Depending on the type of flea collar that you buy, the manufacturer will suggest a longevity period. This can be anything from a month up to a year, or even more. This means that you should not expect your dog’s flea collar to be of service longer than that period.

The extent of the infestation: Again, the severity of the flea infestation will determine how long a flea collar will last. The more extreme the infestation, the faster you can expect the flea collar to stop working. The reverse is true, as well.

Active ingredient used: Longevity also depends on the active ingredient that the manufacturer is using as the toxin inside the flea collar. More potent active ingredients last longer since they kill the fleas in a short time, and you may even still have a lot of it remaining. The less potent ones, however, will get depleted quickly because the fleas get used to it and multiply. The active ingredient will, therefore, continue to be released, but with no real change. This means the ingredient will be cleared out in a short while, and your dog will still have fleas.

Are flea collars safe for both puppies and dogs?

The safety of flea collars will largely be dependent on two things:

  • The active ingredient in use – As we mentioned earlier, some collars use more potent active ingredients, and these could be more likely to could harm a small dog or a puppy. The reverse of this is true, as well. Be sure to check with your vet before using any of these products, no matter how big or small your dog is.
  • The type – There are generally two categories of flea collars when considering the manufacturing technique. These are the herbal/natural flea collars, and the artificial flea collars. Natural ingredient flea collars will contain minimal or zero harmful chemicals and thus are generally safer. Their not-toxicity, however, hinders their efficacy, and they are less successful in the eradication of fleas. Artificial flea collars, on the other hand, use more harmful chemicals and thus can be harmful to puppies and dogs. The fact that they are more effective can hardly be a comfort to you if they wind up harming your pet, however.

Despite a flea collar being labeled as non-toxic and safe for use on dogs and human contact, a lot can still go wrong. The following situations can still happen on occasion:

  • Allergies – Whether you or the dog suffer from them, it won’t be long after either of you comes in contact with the collar to know if allergies are going to be a problem. It is, therefore, necessary to check with a vet to ensure that your dog is not allergic to the flea collar before you buy it.
  • Entanglement risks – If your dog is big and likes the outdoors, much as the product is categorized as being safe, it can always still pose a safety risk to it. This is especially dangerous should the product not have a safety release feature, which allows the dog to disentangle itself from the flea collar easily.

The idea of using flea collars on your pet is a great way of dealing with the problem of flea infestations. The process of selecting the ideal product for you and your pet, however, is a complex one that should always start with a consultation with your dog’s vet. Take note also of all other factors, such as the type of flea collar that you would prefer, and its suitability to your dog’s health—and yours as well. Between this article and your vet’s help, the choice should be a good one.