About Us

We are a group of passionate pet bloggers who adore our pets—need we say more?

Because of this pet passion, we decided to create helpful guides and blog posts to help other pet owners like us take better care of their beloved pets.

Why Should You Trust Us?

As mentioned—we don’t just write blog posts. We are REAL pet owners. We write from experience and give solutions to some of the problems we have personally faced taking care of our pets. We have also invested a lot into creating a beautiful blog that’ll hopefully be your go-to source for all pet products and guides.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create and share a ton of resources that are practical and useful for both new and experienced pet owners. Our team works round the clock to craft useful and highly educative blog posts based on their experience, or by researching public resources to get you the best help. We deal in:

  • Food and Nutriton info
  • Breeds
  • Canine care
  • Accessories and toys
  • Home supplies
  • Adoption
  • And many others!

Psst…while we consider ourselves ardent pet lovers, we are NOT veterinarians.

We only give tips and recommendations based on our experience. 

You may have noticed that we are careful to state that clearly in all of our posts.

Your vet should ALWAYS have the last word!