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The Black Pearls of the Dog World
~Don't let distance stop you from finding a forever friend~
Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Black Dog

Reason Number Ten: We cannot clash with your furniture or clothing (and some of you actually worry about that).

Reason Number Nine:  We cannot clash with any collar  you might choose either!  Ditto for the bandanas. 
Accessorize us!

Reason Number Eight:  Ease of vacuuming!  You can quickly spot the areas of most urgent need.

Reason Number Seven:  We hide the dirt well (doesn't mean we don't need that bath after a messy play but your                     guests won't be able to see it so quickly).

Reason Number Six:  We make an excellent "backdrop" for a second lighter colored dog (if you choose to have one).

Reason Number Five:  Availability!!!  We are available now at every shelter or rescue you can imagine, in every age                             bracket with no long waiting lists or difficult search.

Reason Number Four:  No annoying queries of "exactly what kind of dog is that anyhow?"  People are content with "big                                     black dog" and don't ask anymore questions.

Reason Number Three:  EXCELLENT night walk protection.  The "bad guy" won't see us till its too late!

Reason  Number Two:  Status symbol potential.  Black pearls are the most costly you know......

Reason Number One:  WE NEED YOU!

Source:  Petfinder Forum dated 3-17-03 Laurie Scanlan

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