"Contrary to Ordinary"
The Black Pearls of the Dog World
~Making a difference: one black dog at a time through education, awareness and action~
Jake: Our Inspiration
This is Jake a.k.a. Jakey a.k.a. Jakey-doodle.  He was adopted in August of 2004 from Gemini All Breed Rescue (namely Gemini Rottweiler Rescue: specializing in Rottweiler and Pit Bull rescues but Jens heart is so big, she has "all breeds" in her care) located in Madison, MN.

He waited three years for a forever family and we consider ourselves so fortunate to have him.  With a soul as sweet and loving as they come is our Jake. He loves to howl with the train whistles and his bark has made everyone smile  (it is so distinctive). He has become instantly protective of us and has soaked up all the love we shower on him. Jake is a hugger and is extremely devoted. He leans his head over your shoulder and presses in and gives those full body hugs that a true dog lover understands. Most importantly he has become the inspiration and the mascot for this rescue website: Contrary to Ordinary-The Black Pearls of the Dog World.  It was during his adoption process that we came to realize the fate of so many black dogs based on their coat color and felt that a candle needed to be lit for all the black dogs still waiting.

I want to thank Jen Wold who tirelessly loved and cared for him until Jake was able to "come home" to us.  Jen, you are an example to me (and to so many) of what it truly means to rescue.  My words fall empty as I cannot describe the respect and admiration I have for what it is that you are able to do: to love and release those in your care as they find their forever people. Your genuinely passionate "Joan-of-Arc" heart to defend and love the ones that are misunderstood, cast off, forgotten or just no longer wanted or needed is an inspiration and I am so very proud to call you friend.

Jake, thank you for being my "big black dog" and for looking at me, not only in the eye but clear to my heart, that windy December day.  I wasn't looking for a dog when we met and yet when I left I knew that someday we would be family.  Thank you for "picking me" and for patiently waiting for me to listen to the call in my heart and follow through with what I wanted to do that first day we met: bring you home.  I love you.  We love you.  I look forward to the memories that we will make because you had a rescue angel.

To my family:

Jim (babe), I want to thank you for never saying "no" and for really only asking "do you need me to get another crate down out of the garage?".  I know I don't always show it but I love all those little ways you say "yes" and for your genuine ability to give and share of your time,  your heart, your money and your space to all those four legged souls that cross our paths that ask for and need comfort and love.  Thank you for letting me be passionate and for sharing in what has been in my heart since I was a kid: helping all creatures who need that little extra to make it or to depart loved.  And just for the record, I love you and I would marry you again, for a million lifetimes.

Michael and McKenna, thank you for opening your hearts at your tender ages and freely giving smiles of delight while willing to learn, first hand, the joys of love and the pain of love-loss. For being bewildered for the ones that have no one to love them, to you that doesn't make sense, how can you not be loved? For crying tears for those that pass while giving gentle care to those who need the tender touch and the 'pure-heartedness' of a kids love. 
You are beautiful........ in your souls and your hearts.  May you always, always be a defender to those who have no one to defend them. Constantly look to The One, who created you and all that you  see, hear and feel, as your compass in this life and for your journey in this calloused, chaotic and hurting world.

Most importantly to Jesus because without knowing you personally I would be lost. Thank you for giving me all this amazing creation to see the thumbprint and to hear the heartbeat of who you are. I look forward to it everyday, now and will forever.  You are my fortress, my strong tower. Thank you for your ultimate gift of the original "passionate and unconditional love" and "no-strings-attached" forgiveness for without it I wouldn't know or understand what "I love you" and "rescued" really means.  You are the initial and the biggest rescue organization around and I am thankful to be in yours.

(as always, click on Jake! He will take you home)
We had 23" of snow this day: more fun could not have been had!