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Gemini is a fairly small, independent rescue in Southwest Minnesota that works mainly with Rottweilers. We will, on occasion, take in Pitbull and large breed dogs if space permits. We like being small because it allows us the time needed to work with each dog and lavish it with the love it deserves.

  Each dog that comes here has a different story. Some are neglected, abused, picked up as strays,or pulled from shelters to avoid euthanasia. Others are victims of owner irresponsibility. They have been given up because of a move ,a new baby, or job. We have heard every excuse from" we don't have time"  to "it got too big". Some of these dogs have been with the same family for years until they just decide they "want more free time". A few come from elderly owners concerned for their dog, others are family emergencies. Whatever the reason, these dogs deserve a second chance with a family that will love them. A lot of these dogs are well trained and all of them are friendly and make wonderful companions. There are no bad dogs if people just put a little time and effort into shaping their lives through positive reinforcement.

  Some people don't understand the concept of "rescue". We are not a humane society and not exactly a shelter. Not that they are bad, but some are just so overcrowded, that the only attention those dogs get are when they're fed or volunteers take them out. They don't usually get one on one and most of them are put to sleep because of the endless amount of dogs coming through. People have to learn to spay and neuter! It controls the pet population and makes for a healthier and happier pet that will more than likely live longer. Your dog DOES NOT have to produce a litter to be a good dog! That is a myth! Please take a walk through a shelter if you have never done so, it may change your mind.

  Most rescues work with a certain breed or two, although there are all breed rescues also. More than likely they have taken a favorite breed and vowed to try and make a difference. These rescuers work very hard and shed a lot of tears in the process of taking in and  finding these dogs new families. Dogs in need are taken into these people's homes or put in foster care where they get love and attention and hugs every day. They become a part of our lives so that when you adopt from us you can be sure that you get a wonderful companion.

You will not find a "free" dog here. We have found that the person that gets a dog for free tends to think it is disposable. We want you to be committed to bringing a dog into your life. We have also invested a lot of money into each dog to make sure it goes to its new home healthy. Our adoption fee ensures that we can keep our rescue efforts going. If you feel you are still interested in adopting a great dog, please check out the dogs listed here and come to our site for more information.  We look forward to meeting with you and chatting.  Thank you! 

Gemini Rottweiler Rescue and K-9 Sanctuary
   Jennifer Wold

Madison, MN
320-598-3087 to leave a message

"I just want to say that each dog on this page has become a very big part of my life and holds a special place in my heart. I love what I do, despite all of the reasons I hear for people throwing away their pets. To help even a few dogs find loving, forever homes means the world to me. I have shed many tears on their behalf and put alot of time into this effort.

When these dogs come to my home, they become a part of my family and will be in my heart even long after they leave. While they are here, they eat, sleep, play, and bond with us. The love they have to give is incredible. I can truly say I am blessed. I feel sorry for the people who have never known or felt that kind of devotion.

I was put here to make a difference, if only a small one...To turn your back on the sadness will not make it go away".   ~Jen 

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Please note: Dexter (pitbullxLab mix) is the dog sitting in the van with a red collar and red leash.  He has been waiting for years as he is shy of men.  Do you have the special household and heart that Dexter needs???  If so please come meet Dex and see if you are his match.  He has been waiting and waiting just for you specific. Read more about his incredible life story on Geminis' homepage under "Available Dogs", Dex is the last dog listed on the page.  Thank you!
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